People can't decide if this song from A Star Is Born is amazing or appalling

People can't decide if this song from A Star Is Born is amazing or appalling

A Star is Born is set to dominate the Oscars’ Best Original Song category with three songs submitted for nomination.

However, one song won’t be in the running: the much-debated ass anthem ‘Why Did You Do That?’

Known for its opening line: “Why do you look so good in those jeans? / Why'd you come around me with an ass like that?” The song is the first big solo hit for Ally Campana, played by Lady Gaga, and has sparked debate about the film’s attitude to pop music.

Is ‘Why Did You Do That?’ a parody of brain-dead pop music? Or is it actually a really good song?

Many viewers left the film conflicted over whether they should be enjoying it.

The film’s Jackson Maine sees the song as a sell-out and some believe A Star is Born suggests it is a bad song, compared with the real art of other hits like ‘Shallow’ and ‘Always Remember Me This Way’.

But for others, ‘Why Did You Do That?’ is too catchy to be bad and has become the film’s latest meme for pop fans.

The song is unsurprisingly one of the only tracks from A Star is Born to inspire its own dance routines.

Some of them were more unusual than others.

For the record, songwriter Diane Warren, who has written nine US no. 1 singles and penned the infamous ass line, said the song was not meant to be bad.

I would never purposefully sit down to write a bad song, although I guess I’ve done some without trying that turned out that way.

This was a fun song, and I love fun pop songs.

Warren admitted she didn’t even know Bradley Cooper’s character would later make fun of the song’s lyrics in the film.

I was sitting next to my friend and I jabbed her in the arm and went, “That’s my line he’s quoting!”

I love that [Lady Gaga’s] character defended her music.

It doesn’t have to be what he thinks music should be — music can be everything. It can be a serious song, it can be a pop song, it can be a song about an ass.

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