It's been just over seven days since the United Kingdom voted to leave the European Union.

In that time the prime minister has resigned, sparking a Conservative leadership contest over who could replace him, and the Labour party is painfully attempting to remove Jeremy Corbyn as leader. And we haven't even enacted Article 50 yet.

After a tumultuous week, during which many Brits have been applying for Irish passports and discussing leaving the country, and reports of hate crime have increased 57 per cent, Hassan Akkad made a simply brilliant point.

Mr Akkad told indy100 he is from Damascus and was granted ayslum in the UK three months ago after an 87 day journey across Europe. He has previously addressed civil society group Citizens UK about the plight of Syrians coming to the UK and been involved in action to highlight the plight of refugees with Jude Law.

He told us:

Since I have been here I have been doing talks everywhere to raise awareness and shed more light on the crisis.

Syrians totally understand why people here would consider moving abroad or obtaining another passport. However, since it's only been 10 days of political turmoil, we would love the world to understand why we risked our lives to seek sanctuary. It's hasn't been 10 days for us, it's been five years.

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