Eurosceptic Tory MP Priti Patel managed to come up with the worst Brexit metaphor yet

Priti Patel, an outspoken Conservative MP in support of the Leave EU campaign, has given a less than appropriate analogy that compared leaving the EU to jumping off the Titanic.

In an article for Thursday's Times, the employment minister, referencing David Cameron's favourite "leap in the dark" metaphor, said:

[Businesses] should ponder the costs of giving away permanent control of so many vital policies. They should ponder the costs of having the European Commission, dominated by French interests, controlling British commercial policy for decades to come. They should consider how the eurozone's trajectory will make this worse.

A vote to leave is not 'a leap in the dark'— it is a leap from a ship heading, like the Titanic, towards a huge iceberg.


We’re not quite sure if she’s referring to the opening scene of the movie, in which Rose jumps off the ship in an attempt to kill herself, or towards the end of the film, where people freeze to death because of the icy water?

Understandably, people were amused and offended in equal parts...

Some pointed out the slight flaw in her logic...

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