Someone told this woman Sharia law should be banned. She shut them down in the most epic way

ABC screengrab

A 2017 episode of ABC’s Q&A featured two people with vastly different opinions: former Tasmanian senator Jacqui Lambie and Muslim author and engineer Yassmin Abdel-Magied.

The duo majorly clashed over the meaning of Sharia law, and it all came to a head when Lambie said:

The fact is, we have one law in this country and it is the Australian law – it is not Sharia law, not in this country, not in my day.

However, Magied quickly pointed out that the Senator knew very little about Sharia Law:

Me praying five times a day is Sharia.

Lambie continued, unwilling to listen to the Muslim woman’s definition of Sharia law:

What about equal rights to women?

That, says Magied, is completely separate from Islam.

And then she delivered the following smack-down:

Islam, to me, is the most feminist religion. Right.

We got equal rights well before the Europeans. We don’t take our husband’s last names because we ain’t their property. We were given the right to own our own land… The fact is what is culture is separate from what is faith and the fact that people go around dissing my faith without knowing anything about it…

Lambie, unperturbed by the logic, continued by claiming that there is "one law" in Australia and it won't be Sharia.

But hang on - Magied says Sharia dictates that a Muslim must follow the land which they are on.

The resulting exchange did not sit well with many viewers, and an online petition launched by the Muslim community in Australia demanding an apology from Lambie, who they argue failed to “uphold [the show’s] values of respect and integrity”.

Here's the entire exchange, below:

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