Why Adele's fans can't stop talking about her Glastonbury Instagram post last night

Festival-goers last night had the bittersweet pleasure of re-watching old Glastonbury footage in an attempt to make up for it being cancelled this year due to coronavirus.

And it seems it's not just those who attend the festival who were feeling nostalgic.

Singer Adele also revealed that she watched herself headlining in 2016 in two Instagram posts uploaded yesterday evening.

In the first, she appears to be wearing pyjamas, crowching by her TV, dealing with Britain's heatwave by holding a fan up to her face.

But it was the second photo which delighted fans, in which she can be seen wearing the same dress as she did for her performance, and dancing around her living room to... herself.

In a relatable twist, she revealed she was "five ciders in".

Fair play.

Friends and fellow artists including rapper Skepta, actor Kaya Scodelario, model Rudy Bundini and designer and influencer Olivia Pierson all commented on the post, which has been liked by 3.6 million people since it was posted 12 hours ago at the time of writing.

Over on Twitter, people were obsessed with the very meta moment.

Of course, it was immediately memed.

And there was a lot of speculation about when her next album may drop... which she addressed in the comments, replying to a user saying:

Corona ain't over. I'm quarantining. Wear a mask and be patient ❤️

And some people thought her performance four years ago was oddly prescient.

Adele, us mere mortals want to know: what does the future of 2020 hold?

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