Adele accused of cultural appropriation after posting 'problematic' Notting Hill Carnival picture
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Adele has found herself in hot water after posting a photo to mark Notting Hill Carnival, which was cancelled this year.

Every year, thousands of people pour out onto the streets of west London for Notting Hill Carnival, the biggest celebration of Caribbean culture anywhere in the world (outside of the Caribbean) and one of the world’s largest festivals. This year, it was cancelled because the size and location in a big city made it too much of a risk.

But many people have taken to social media to express their disappointment – as did Adele, who posted a photo of herself in a Jamaican flag top and bantu knots with the caption: “Happy what would be Notting Hill Carnival my beloved London.”

People pointed out that Adele’s hairstyle was a form of cultural appropriation, as bantu knots are traditionally worn by African women, or those of African descent. Many also thought her top was just kind of offensive.

Some people seemed to think she was actually Katy Perry.

People also took the opportunity to make memes about the post.

But some other people said that Adele hadn’t actually done anything wrong – and that Notting Hill Carnival was about people from different cultures coming together to celebrate.

Adele’s representatives haven’t responded to a request for comment.

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