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If you thought electric cars were impressive, with their futuristic charging stations, then just wait for what’s around the corner: Roads that charge cars as they drive.

Startup ElectRoad says the batteries currently used to charge electric vehicles are expensive, heavy and limit the driving experience.

They're working to fit roads with wireless energy coils that will transfer electricity to vehicles automatically, as they drive past.

They say the installation process of these smart roads is quick and easy; one kilometre can be fitted in half a day.

It would require a scraper digging an eight cm-deep trench, while a second vehicle installs the wireless energy charging strips.

A coil unit is then placed underneath the electric vehicle, to pick up the feed.

The company plan to start their grand plan with public transport, and explain in a video that the changes will start to tackle air pollution by 2030.

Here's the video:

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