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You request a 'window seat' and are instead greeted with half the guy in front's window, and a plastic expanse of nothingness.

As miraculous as flight is, the glory of it is somewhat diminished when you cannot see out of the plane itself.

You think it would be easy enough to align all the seats to the windows on the plane, guaranteeing everyone a view.

The reason why they are not, according to the YouTube channel Today I Found Out, is apparently nothing to do with safety.

Although much of the plane is engineered to make it safe for passengers, the seating arrangement is not one of them.

In 2010 RyanAir suggested introducing planes with no seats at all, the better to fit as many passengers in as possible.

Saving space, is the same motive behind squeezing as many seats as is physically possible onto airplanes, which is why the rows do not line up with the windows.

According to Today I Found Out, airlines have control over how many seats are inside the cabin, and the layout.

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