Alabama abortion ban: Comedian Samantha Bee offers sex education to 'old white men' behind controversial new bill

Alabama abortion ban: Comedian Samantha Bee offers sex education to 'old white men' behind controversial new bill

On Tuesday, Alabama passed a bill that implements a near-total ban on all abortions in the state, with no exceptions for rape or incest. And in response, comedian Samantha Bee is here to put the men who voted it through in their place.

According to Eric Johnson, the president of the state's Pro-Life Coalition, the bill was specifically designed to challenge Roe v Wade, and it could go into effect within six months. It would introduce a raft of stiff penalties for those caught violating it, including up to 99 years in prison for performing an abortion in the state, reports CNN.

Furthermore, it's unsurprising that every single person that voted to pass the law was a white man. After hours of discussion, the Senate passed the near-total abortion ban in a 25 to 6 vote.

In a brilliant segment called 'Sex Ed for Senators' on her Wednesday evening show Full Frontal, Bee takes perfect aim at the predominantly white men in the states' legislature who passed the bill, who in passing it seem to illustrate the fact that they have a total miscomprehension of well, female biology.

Opening the lesson, she says:

Welcome to class, you f***** idiots. Time to learn about vaginas, cycles, and why Charlotte from Sex and the City was sad for two whole seasons!

Bee first-off schools her students in the basics: that women don't always know straight away when they're pregnant:

Eric Johnson, an attorney who helped draft the Alabama bill, thinks a man and a woman can have sex and go straight to a clinic to determine if she’s pregnant.

In response, she says:

It's still hard to know if you're pregnant at six weeks. You might have no symptoms, or if you do, they’re symptoms like fatigue or bloating and gas. On the other hand, it does explain P.F. Chang’s new motto: ‘Maybe it’s not us; maybe you’re pregnant!

She also tackled how common miscarriages are:

Imagine if people were also forced to go through an unnecessary investigation.

To put it in perspective for you male senators, it would be like if cops showed up every time you miracle whipped into your wife’s good towels and accused you of genocide. Except different, because you never wanted to bring your shame tadpoles to term.

To wrap up?

Now at this point you may be having a negative opinion.

Which brings me to my next lesson: I don’t give a shit about your personal opinions! These laws are designed to oppress and control and ultimately overturn Roe v Wade.

 And if they succeed, they will directly result in death and poverty for women and other vulnerable people. 

But it is especially f***** up that the people doing the regulating wouldn’t recognise a vulva if it bit them in the face. Oh, yes, I forgot to tell you this one thing: They all bite.

Since Trump's inauguration in 2017, six other states, including Georgia, Ohio, Mississippi, Kentucky, Iowa and North Dakota have passed laws banning abortions when a fetal heartbeat can be detected, which occurs as early as six weeks, reports CNN.

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