Mormon mother of 6 perfectly shuts down men 'grandstanding' about abortion and women's rights

Mormon mother of 6 perfectly shuts down men 'grandstanding' about abortion and women's rights
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Alabama’s Republican-controlled state senate has passed a near-total ban on abortion, reigniting the debate around women’s rights once again.

The bill which was approved by the Alabama House of Representatives has received widespread criticism since it was announced with the ban being upheld even in cases of rape or incest. Many view the move as a step backwards in the apparently progressive times that we live.

Unlike previous abortion bills, which have prevented the procedure from taking place if an embryonic heartbeat can be detected, this bill will see any abortion practitioners sentenced 10 to 99 years in prison.

One Twitter thread that was originally posted in 2018 is once again going viral due to it's timeliness and almost prophetic nature.

The series of Tweets by bestselling author and art director Gabrielle Blair has some serious heft to it and perfectly illustrates how one woman has grown tired and disheartened of listening to men dictate the standards and rules for matters that concern predominantly women.

It goes without saying that the thread is perfect perfectly and the reactions to her well thought out and eloquently written take have been nothing but supportive.

Read the full thread below...


HT: DesignMom, Check out Gabrielle Blair's website here.

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