Billionaire Alan Sugar is annoyed that Jeremy Corbyn may also be a millionaire in bizarre Twitter rant

In one of the more baffling attacks on Jeremy Corbyn since the election circus rolled into town, multimillionaire Alan Sugar appears annoyed that the Labour leader may also be a millionaire.

The Apprentice host, seemingly in a bid to appear as unhinged as the host of the show on the other side of the Atlantic, tweeted:

Millionaire @jeremycorbyn target voter is the young educated, whose biggest concern in life is if they should upgrade to a iPhone 11. My father worried if he had enough shillings left on Thursday night to keep the electric meter going. Don't be duped by Corbyn's promises.

He continued:

The danger lays with the young educated voter who listen to millionaire @jeremycorbyn Robin Hood story. They seek flexible hour jobs at Google, Facebook or Twitter sitting on bean bags and flicking elastic bands at each other. They resent those who have achieved wealth by hard work.

When a fellow Twitter user suggested the comments were degrading to young people, Lord Sugar reacted with incredulity:

Open your eyes. You have no clue. Watch the rallies of Corbyn attracting the young. They are told to resent success.

His tweets came a day after he also lamented Corbyn for apparently living in an expensive house in Islington, where he speculated that the sum total of his assets would be more than £1m. It's worth mentioning that Alan Sugar reportedly has a net worth of £1.221billion.

His comments left a lot of people rattled with many calling out the hypocrisy and apparent dislike for young people.

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