Brexit has been blamed for numerous problems over the past few years, but no one could have expected Britain’s exit from the bloc to impact the quality of our apples - or at least that’s what Alastair Campbell is claiming.

During his presenting gig on Good Morning Britain, the former Labour spin doctor shared an observation, prompted by the fruit he had ordered as part of his Ocado food shop delivery.

Unveiling two apples to his co-host Susanna Reid during Tuesday’s show, he explained: “So, last night, my Ocado shop arrives. Apples... have a little feel of my apple.”

Puzzled by his gesture, Reid replies: “Right... OK. It’s a little wrinkly, I have to say.”

“It’s wrinkly and it’s soft and a bit rubbery,” Campbell agreed.

The presenter then went on to give an apparent explanation as to why his apples are like this.

“So we checked it out with Ocado and they said basically it’s because of a shortage of pickers, a shortage of drivers and a shortage of CO2. So all these things we’ve been talking about... they’re affecting our apples as well,” he explained.

Campbell then added: “So this is a Brexit apple, I would argue.”

While Ocado has spent an extra £5m on drivers amid a Brexit-related shortage, The Guardian reported last month, it remains unclear as to whether factors connected to Brexit have affected the quality of fruit coming into the UK.

Reid didn’t exactly share any sympathy with Campbell and replied: “People will say, ‘well poor Alastair and his Ocado delivery’... the world’s smallest violin has been played for you.”

He added: “I agree... but it’s affecting everything.”

He then quoted Mike Parr, from Perishable Movements. adding: “He says, in terms, it’s about lack of staff to pick, a lack of staff to pack, delays at the border because of a lack of inspectors to inspect the new plant inspection rules following Brexit... all this and the CO2 which preserves... so that’ s the apples we are getting now.”

People took to Twitter shared their thoughts on Campbell’s apple problem.

Many couldn’t get on board with Campbell’s views.

But, elsewhere, there were others that agreed with Campbell’s sentiments about the recent decline in the quality of fresh produce.

Indy100 has contacted Ocado Retail for comment.

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