The UK was beaten to first place by Moldova, Andorra, and Serbia. Curse you 'Dry January'!

Vouchercloud merged its own survey results with data from the World Health Organisation, in order to find the most sozzled nations on Earth.

Compiling results from 2010-2015, Vouchercloud created this map (below) for your delectation.

Moldova was the highest, consuming 17.4 litres of pure alcohol, per person, per year. According to Vouchercloud, that's 178 bottles of wine each (roughly two bottles per day).

Presumably, they're also the highest consumers of bacon, Berroca, and, duvets.

The UK ranked 17th in the world, on a meagre 12 litres per person, per year, just ahead of Finland and behind Croatia.

According to Vouchercloud, this is equal to 408 pints each per year, or a pint and a bit per day (more accurately zero for 5 days and then whenever a day gets the word "mad" put on the front of it 30 in one evening).

Abstinent countries (or at least officially abstinent) recorded the lowest consumption.

These were typically Islamic nations such as Pakistan, Kuwait, and the states of North Africa and South West Asia.

The US was put in 49th place, for consuming 9.2 litres per person per year.

Baltic states, South Eastern Europe, and the Caucuses dominated the top 10, but Australia represents the Anglosphere at 10th place.

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