Alex Salmond has a warning for David Cameron

Alex Salmond, the former SNP leader and the current new MP for Gordon, is heading back to Westminster - and he has a warning for David Cameron, who is currently celebrating winning the first Tory majority since 1992.

Salmond warned the prime minister not to get too comfortable, telling the Mail on Sunday:

John Major had a much bigger majority and his government ran into the sand about six months after an election. David Cameron’s mandate looks a lot shakier than Major’s. It won’t be too long before he goes the same way.

Speaking to the BBC on Sunday morning, SNP leader Nicola Sturgeon vowed her party's 56 MPs would be the "principal opposition to the Conservatives", saying:

Given that Labour are entering a period of introspection, questioning their very purpose in life, the SNP is going to be the principal opposition to the Conservatives. There are people in England, Wales and Northern Ireland who will be as disappointed as people in Scotland that we’re looking at a majority Conservative government. We can be a voice for them.

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