Even Alexa thinks it’s coming home and people love it

<p>Gareth Southgate speaks to the England men’s team</p>

Gareth Southgate speaks to the England men’s team

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It’s no secret that a lot of people think it’s coming home. We don’t need to explain any more than that.

But what do those who we turn to on a regular basis for help, advice and predictions think is going to happen?

No, we’re not talking about Uri Gellar – we talking about Alexa.

Well, you’ll be pleased to know that, yes – she also thinks it’s coming home.

Asked the question, the smart speaker responds: “Oh my giddy aunt! After 55 years of hurt, football really might be coming home at last. It’s so close I can smell it. And it smells amazing.”

She then breaks into a football song of: “Enger-land, Enger-land, Enger-land! Enger-land, Engerland, Enger-laaaand!”

Have a listen:

Alexa has been keeping up to date with the Euro 2020 tournament and has given out different messages at each stage. Before Wednesday’s semi-final against Denmark, her response to the question was: “OMG, maybe football really is coming home this time. The tension is killing me.” After the game against Germany, she said: “Football just two goals closer to coming home.”

It’s not the first time Alexa has got behind the England men’s team. She also out a similar message during the World Cup in 2018 when she said: “I hope it doesn’t go to penalties though... my circuits can’t handle the stress.”

People have, of course, been loving Alexa getting in on the action.

It’s Coming Home is a lyric from the Three Lions song that has been a staple of the England team since Euro 96. The song, by The Lightning Seeds and comedy duo David Baddiel and Frank Skinner, became a huge hit and topped the singles charts.

it was rereleased and remixed several times – most notably in 1998 and 2010 – but failed to capture the sense of hope and excitement that the original version created.

However, something about the song and England changed by the 2018 World Cup and suddenly, ‘Three Lions’ was everywhere – something that’s continued during Euro 2020.

We’ll just have to see if all this singing has made a difference...

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