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The South East now has two MEPs both called Alexandra Philips, much to everyone’s confusion.

The two Phillips may both have been elected to the same region in Thursday’s European elections, but they come from very different parts of the political spectrum.

Newly-elected Brexit Party MEP Alexandra Phillips secured a seat in the region alongside leader Nigel Farage and two other party colleagues.

While the Green Party's Alexandra Phillips, previously the mayor of Brighton and Hove, was also elected to represent the region.

Their elections mean there are now more MEPs called Alexandra Philips than there are MEPs representing Labour and the Conservatives in the region.

It wasn’t long before jokes were being made on Twitter about the coincidence.

Others predicted that the election of the two MEPs could cause some mishaps.

As you might expect, it doesn’t look as if the two Phillips agree on much...

Although it was a good night for people named Angela Phillps in the South East, across the rest of the UK the Conservatives and Labour both suffered humiliating defeats in this year's European election.

Instead, Farage's Brexit Party soared to victory with 33 per cent of the vote, while the Lib Dems came in second place with 21 per cent of the vote.

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