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It's only February but 2019 is already proving to be the year of Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and her 'radical politics', which have got US conservatives rattled.

Whether she's expertly dismantling the US election system or actually convincing Fox News viewers that her tax proposals make sense, she seems virtually unstoppable.

Even when people are trying to criticise her on Twitter, something always seems to backfire, leaving the perpetrator with egg on their face.

The latest instance of this comes from the author John LeFevre, best known for creating the infamous Goldman Sachs Elevator Twitter account.

On Thursday he attempted to shame the newly elected congresswoman by claiming that she had a low credit score, two evictions, an 'empty resume', and pointing out that until recently she couldn't afford an apartment in DC.

LeFavre seemed to be spreading misinformation about Ocasio-Cortez on Facebook before she was sworn into Congress, which was attempting to discredit her and make her look unfit for her job.

This 'fake news' would have soon became obvious to LeFavre as users began replying to the tweet with links to the fact-checking website Snopes,which debunked the false claims.

Many people pointed out that Trump, who LeFevre supports, is guilty of at least one of the things that he has accused Ocasio-Cortez of being.

It's not like LeFevre is particularly amazing either.

At this point you really have to ponder what it is about Ocasio-Cortez that has got conservatives so riled up.

Also, why can't a young woman from New York City of Puerto Rican descent have the same dreams and aspirations as most white American males?

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