AOC has spilled the beans on her ideal Game of Thrones outcome

Congresswoman responded to Mueller report with simple but powerful tweet
Congresswoman responded to Mueller report with simple but powerful tweet
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What do you get if you cross Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, and Game of Thrones? Something excellent, that's what.

In a brilliant turn of events, Ocasio-Cortez actually watches the incredible fantasy series, and she's revealed exactly what she hopes will go down in the final series.

Speaking on Yahoo News's Skullduggery on Sunday, the freshman congresswoman was asked who she thinks will finally end up on the Iron Throne.

In true AOC style, she admitted that she'd rather see monarchy give way to democracy.

She said:

Can you imagine if no one ends up on the throne and they transition to democracy?

Wouldn't that be badass?

What else would she have said!?

She also added:

Another hope would be maybe Jon Snow and Daenerys [Targaryen] just take the whole thing and they build a second [throne].

Ocasio-Cortez was asked about the hit HBO show's resolution hours before the premier on Sunday night.

Game of Thrones is a smash hit television programme about a series of feuding monarchs who want control over the fictional continent of Westeros.

Her comments on Game of Thrones came at the end of an interview in which she discussed impeaching president Donald Trump, the 2020 presidential race, and threats against her fellow freshman Representative Ilhan Omar.

Forget Daenerys, AOC you are our queen.

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