Game of Thrones returned to our screens late on Sunday evening and it felt like everyone in the known universe was giddy to see what will go down in Westeros.

Among those who were keen to see what Jon Snow and others are up to was the Labour MP and shadow secretary for foreign and commonwealth affairs Emily Thornberry.

Rather than stay up at an ungodly hour on Monday morning, she decided to watch the first episode of season eight on Monday evening, like a normal person.

To commemorate the huge event, Thornberry put together quite a spread for her 'Game of Thrones supper' which included a brilliantly-named selection of treats.

These included 'cauliflower weirwoods', 'dragon eggs', 'house of Tyrrell crisps', 'White Walker cocktails' and 'fire and ice oysters'.

Picture:Picture: Emily Thornberry/ Instagram

Picture:Picture: Emily Thornberry/ Instagram

People soon picked up on just how good and witty the Labour MP's GoT themed spread was and were left hoping that she would invite them to a screening of episode two.

However, an Instagram troll dared to call her out for enjoying the incredibly popular tv show by calling her a 'champagne socialist'.

Rather than ignore the rude comment Thornberry clapped back with an amazing reply.

Picture:Picture: Emily Thornberry/ Instagram

Thornberry's reply was soon picked up on social media and people were loving it.

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