Spotted outside a coffee shop in London...

Harriet Marsden@harriet1marsden
Friday 11 November 2016 13:30

Since the election of Donald Trump for US president, many on this side of the pond have expressed disbelief at how it could have happened.

One humble coffee shop in Clerkenwell left this sign outside the door...

(Disclaimer: cafe, not pub, but this American can be forgiven for not knowing the proper definition of pub.)

"ALL AMERICANS MUST BE ACCOMPANIED BY AN ADULT," reads the sign outside Goswell Road Coffee, Goswell Road.

The cafe is owned by Jonestown Coffee in Bethnal Green, who incidentally found themselves under fire for their "Please don't feed the crackies" sign, which was criticised as a slight against homeless people struggling with addiction.

They were also responsible for this now tragicomically apt post-Brexit sign in June:

But this sign seems to have attracted some predictable shade from outraged Americans.


The PA of Adrian Jones, manager of Jonestown Coffee, told indy100: "A few people laughed and thought it was funny, because generally speaking most have a sense of humour, and know that our signs are fun. They're not political, or outrageous, or anything like that."

In fact, the sign has received so much attention that they felt the need to release this statement on Goswell Road Coffee's Twitter:

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