All the ways in which this is not the 'greenest government ever'

All the ways in which this is not the 'greenest government ever'

Ok, so David Cameron's claims to lead the "greenest government ever" have long been a source of bemusement (remember "get rid of the green crap" anyone?).

But the prime minister insisted once again this week that he's lived up to his pre-2010 election promise, despite almost overwhelming evidence to the contrary.

Friends of the Earth claimed this week that the government has undone 10 years' worth of low carbon policies ahead of energy secretary Amber Rudd's speech on how the Conservatives plan to tackle climate change.

While Rudd claimed that the government was tackling climate change as an economic "insurance policy", Friends of the Earth CEO Craig Bennett accused her of "gross hypocrisy" considering the government's actions over the past few months.

Writing in the Independent on Sunday, green entrepreneur Bruce Davis said Rudd was re-writing history with her comments and that what she calls "cold, hard economic sense" in fact "makes no sense at all".

Cameron, who once hugged huskies on a Norwegian glacier, remains adamant over his green credentials, pointing to the Green Investment Bank (see below), investments in renewable energy and the country's off-shore wind sector.

However, since the general election, here are all the green policies the Conservative government have scrapped (and the harmful one they've introduced):

  • Scrapped: Subsidies for onshore wind and commercial solar energy

  • Scrapped:The "flagship" Green Deal which gave energy efficiency subsidies for homeowners

  • Scrapped: Planning to sell off the Green Investment Bank - launched under the Coalition, the bank's remit was to invest in green schemes that struggle to raise capital from the private sector

  • Scrapped: The tax incentive to buy a low carbon car

  • Introduced: Allowing British farmers to ignore a Europe-wide ban on pesticides that have been linked to the decline in bee population

Cameron now vows to lead the world to a climate change deal in Paris in November. Lord help us.

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