American heiress lists the 42 weirdest things about British people

American heiress lists the 42 weirdest things about British people

Brits have a lot in common with Americans; a shared language and an obsession with Friends being the obvious ones.

But there is still a gaping cultural divide between the two countries, highlighted in one American woman’s tips for visiting London “for London Fashion Week, and beyond”.

Hayley Bloomingdale – a descendant of the founder of the US department store – wrote her slightly bizarre list of hints in an article for Vogue after moving to London ten months ago.

Among her 42 tips, Bloomingdale advises:

  • Everyone says sorry for everything; it’s often best to start any request or inquiry with “sorry . . .”
  • There are no plugs in the bathrooms—unclear how British women blow-dry their hair (this is a possible explanation for why some have bad hair)
  • If you are meeting someone on the “first floor,” you will need to go up a level because first floor means second floor in this country
  • British people do not say “cheers” and tap glasses when drinking with friends. They do, however, say “cheers” many times a day, but it means “thank you and goodbye.”
  • Don’t try to order any fancy drinks at a pub, just play it cool, order “a pint” and drink whatever is in there
  • Eggs are inexplicably not refrigerated and are often hidden in a regular food aisle
  • British people love talking about the weather. This is not a stereotype; it’s a fact
  • British people do not, however, want to talk about Hogwarts as much as I do
  • If on a date, it’s best not to reference Harry Potter at all
  • James Corden and Jeremy Corbyn are two different people

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