Americans abroad have taken to Quora to share what the dislike they most about living in the UK.

And it’s brutal.

It turns out they don't like:

The weather

Sean Quinn writes:

I know it’s a cliche but the weather started getting to me, especially the winters… The grey, the constant feeling like it was going to or had just rained (even though it hadn’t and wasn’t going to) and the late sunrise and early sunsets got to me.

You can have an entire summer where the summer never truly comes and it can get tough.

The underground

Quinn writes:

I know it’s an old system but how many signals failures can there be that make you 30 minutes late for work on a daily basis.

Pope Rudraigh says Brits are too rude on the tube:

As soon as the doors open, the people on the platform try to rush into the train!

There were times I was seriously worried I would not be able to exit the train before the doors closed!

There was this one time I had had enough. When the doors opened and the morons tried to rush in, I lifted my arms in a typical American football blocking stance and ploughed through the crowd.

I love the UK. They just need to learn some manners.


Quinn doesn’t like our bacon:

I don’t like back bacon as much as streaky American bacon. It’s a personal preference but I like my crispy fatty bacon.

Thomas Johnson doesn’t like the whole full English:

I claim I don’t like the Full English Breakfast, but it’s only the blandness of the baked beans or the black pudding that I don’t like; I love the rest and sometimes dream of a fine porridge.

Or Marmite:

I cannot stomach Marmite and really have never known someone who can.

But I never ask Brits as I would not want to judge them on this single lapse in taste.

The royal family

Antonio Felgrand writes:

We really don't care about the royal family. Personally, I find it very strange to see Prince Henry and his family on gossip magazines whenever I check out at the grocery store.

The very small details

Jaylyn Clark has beef with British taps:

You don’t see it as much but it is still evident in older structures; the separate hot and cold taps. I hated those things as a child and when I see them today they are as repugnant; you alternately scald or freeze your poor skin.

And no, I’ve no interest in filling the basin to a comfortable temperature to wash—gross!


Andrew Piereder writes:

I am simply horrified by how the Brits will bad mouth their friends and colleagues behind their back.

It belies a deep insecurity that never allows them to just enjoy the excellent qualities of other people.

What is really disconcerting is that this is at such odds with the traditional notion of a British gentlemen; polite, modest and chivalrous. I’ve been told that is ‘old’ British and that what I’ve encounter is ‘new’ British. I like the old style better.

That’s fine. Honest. Patriotism has got us into a bit of a mess over the last nine months. We need to be taken down a peg or two.

Just chill out about our bacon.

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