America's most misspelled words, mapped

America's most misspelled words
America's most misspelled words

As has been made clear in his recent tweets, spelling can be difficult. Donald Trump, for example, is infamous for posting a tweet and promptly deleting it after spotting a spelling error.

But it turns out he isn’t alone. Google has released a map of America showing which words each state struggles with the most.

Some of the words were to be expected, for example the people of Michigan just can’t get ‘pneumonia’ right. That's a tricky one.

While others were a little bit more worrying. The most googled spelling in Jackson is ‘nanny.’ Interesting.

In Wisconsin the most misspelled word is Wisconsin.

Check out the full map here:

But the best part about the whole thing, is that even Google make spelling mikstakes sometimes.

Their mistake was quickly highlighted (did you spot it?) when they wrote the number 'ninety' as 'ninty'.

They released a follow up map with the correct spelling later.

We're all human after all.

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