Ann Coulter refused to hug an undocumented Mexican immigrant. Yes really

Ann Coulter, the American conservative everyone loves to hate, really does make it easy for us sometimes.

Recently she sat down with Jorge Ramos on his English language show on Fusion TV to promote her newest book, Adios, America, and refused to hug a woman who said she was an undocumented immigrant.

During the Q&A session immigration activist Gaby Pachecho stood up and asked if she could hug Coulter as "a sign of my humanity and yours".

When Coulter laughed off her request and said she was recovering from the flu (to be fair, her cough sounds quite nasty), Pacheco didn't back down, and Coulter flat out refused, shutting Pacheco's request down by saying "No, let's get on with the question".

Pacheco, who said she has lived in the US for 22 years, told Coulter that she had got a hug from Joe Arpaio, the Arizona sheriff known for his anti-immigration views, in a similar scenario.

Earlier in the interview she left Ramos speechless by saying Mexicans were a bigger threat to the US than Isis:

If you don’t want to be killed by Isis, don’t go to Syria. If you don’t want to be killed by a Mexican, there’s nothing I can tell you.

When asked whether that meant she thinks Mexican immigrants are predisposed to crime, Coulter said, “I think there are cultures that are obviously deficient. And if they weren’t deficient, you wouldn’t be sitting in America interviewing me. I’d be sitting in Mexico."

For her jaw-dropping comments in full, watch the video here:

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