Anti-gay marriage protesters put up a sign outside this pizza shop. They had the best response


Australia is currently asking its citizens, by way of a postal survey, whether same-sex marriage should be legalised or not.

Yes, it is 2017. And yes, we are still having to ask this question.

Both the Yes and No camps have been fervently campaigning in recent months - with the anti-same-sex marriage campaign even choosing to use sky writing.

Another message from the No camp includes a billboard spotted in Tasmania, telling people, “It’s ok to say no” to the survey's question.

They chose the wrong spot to advertise their views, because this particular billboard was beside Wiseguise Pizza – and they decided to get involved.

They painted the words “to pineapple on pizza” on the side of their restaurant, to complete the sentence – which, let’s be honest, makes much more sense now.

The owners told ABC that they turned to humour to avoid getting into anything political, and said the sign would have affected business.

Here's the sign's make-over as it happened:

People certainly approve.

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