People are ridiculing an anti-mask protest in London because some of the protesters were... wearing masks.

The protest in Hyde Park was organised by the campaign group Keep Britain Free in opposition to the government's "liberty sapping" requirement to wear a mask.

Face coverings have been mandatory on public transport since 15 June and must be worn in shops and supermarkets from 24 July.

Protesters carried signs bearing slogans like "these masks will not let you breathe oxygen" and "f*** masks"

Given that some people were protesting while wearing a mask, this has sparked a lot of anger and ridicule.

Photos of the protesters attracted mockery online.

One of the even speakers wore a G-string over her face instead of a mask, while another protester wore a mediaeval plague mask.

Around 200 people are believed to have attended the protest.

Leah Butler-Smith, one of the event's organisers, told Sky News:

Because the government started out saying ‘there is absolutely no need for a mask’, and many other important scientists have reportedly said the same, it did not make any sense why they suddenly said it was going to be mandated.

If the government really wants to protect the public and give them more confidence then they should stop trying to use the coercion strategy or to make people scared.

But thankfully the majority of British people appear to be in favour of wearing masks.

An Opinium poll published in the Observer on Sunday showed that 71 per cent of adults in England support the government's decision to make masks mandatory in shops, while 13 percent oppose it.

Sir Ian Diamond, head of the Office for National Statistics, told Sky News that the number of people wearing masks increased from 50 per cent to 61 per cent last week.

He added that wearing face coverings is becoming the "norm" in many parts of the UK, particularly in Scotland.

A minority of protesters have also opposed the compulsory wearing of masks in the US.

Last month a Republican drew backlash for appearing to mock George Floyd's death by saying "I can't breathe" while wearing a mask at an anti-mask rally.

The myth that it is difficult for able-bodied people to breathe while wearing a mask has been debunked by doctors, who proved it was possible to wear up to six masks at a time without a person's oxygen levels dipping.

The government are only asking us to wear one, and only while we are taking a bus or buying our groceries. So wear your masks, for the greater good.

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