‘Anti-vaxx’ nurse suspected of injecting thousands with saline instead of Covid vaccine

‘Anti-vaxx’ nurse suspected of injecting thousands with saline instead of Covid vaccine

German police are investigating a Red Cross nurse who has been accused of injecting thousands of people with saline instead of the genuine Covid vaccine.

Regional authorities are appealing for around 8,600 people to get another dose of the vaccine after it the suspected that a nurse, with apparently anti-vaxx views, had been injecting fake jabs.

“There is no danger whatsoever from this repeated vaccination and therefore, we can only advise everyone to get vaccinated again just to be on the safe side,” Claudia Shroeder of the crisis intervention team said.

The jabs, administered in Friesland on the North Sea coast during the early spring, are supposedly harmless. However, many of the alleged victims at the time of receiving the jab were elderly and therefore more vulnerable to Covid.

Police investigator Peter Beer revealed in a German press conference that there’s “a reasonable suspicion of danger” based on witness statements. While the unidentified nurse’s motives remain unclear, she had allegedly aired her scepticism around the vaccine on social media.

“We then found three or four of her WhatsApp chats from April 21, right before the act, so we suspect that she did it”, Beer added. Broadcaster NDR said the case had been handed to a particular unit that investigates politically motivated crimes.

Local councillor Sven Ambrosy took to Facebook about the incident and said: “I am totally shocked by this episode.”

indy100 have reached out to German authorities for further comment.

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