Anti-vaxxer filmed licking grocery store surfaces in bid to ‘boost immune system’

An anti-vaxxer has filmed herself running around supermarkets and licking stuff to “boost” her immune system because...?

Posting on Instagram in a now deleted video, Jodie Meschuk – a blogger who has said vaccines cause autism – was filmed by her son licking bags of food, door handles and her trolley.

“Germs fortify your immune system,” she wrote over the video. “Exposure to germs build defenses against asthma and allergies.”

She also claimed that licking everything would help digestion and then left the supermarket with her son carrying balloons.

Reacting to the video, which has since reached the depths of Reddit, people unsurprisingly slammed her behaviour:

“You know what a really sane and not crazy person would do in a supermarket? Lick the entire store,” one said.

Another said: “As a chronically ill individual, I didn’t want your germs before COVID and I sure as hell don’t want your germs now!”

Jodie Meschuk was filmed by her son licking bags of food, door handles and her trolleyReddit

A third warned: “As someone who works night shift at Walmart, yeah she’s gonna be facing A LOT of lawsuits.”

They may well be right. Meschuk is not the first person to anger people with her strange take on public health and deliberately contaminating public items in shops can indeed be an offence.

Last year, a California woman was arrested for licking jewellery at a shop and contaminating $1800 worth of items.

Similarly, a man in Missouri was charged with making terroristic threats after licking deodorant at Walmart while mocking people afraid of COVID, and a New Jersey man was charged with the same after purposely coughing on a supermarket employee while claiming to be infected with the virus.

Oh dear.

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