Man destroys anti-abortion argument with a simple question

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In October, the Trump administration made a number of changes affecting women’s reproductive rights.

Employers with objections to contraception will, under new plans, find it easier to stop offering all approved methods of contraception in their health plan for employees.

And recently, Congress attempted to stop funding to Planned Parenthood, an organisation that provides abortions as one of its services, through a repeal of Obama’s Affordable Care Act – but so far all attempts have failed.

The Trump administration's intentions around women's reproductive rights have refuelled the pro-life/pro-choice debate.

Writer Patrick S. Tomlinson has the perfect question to ask anyone who argues against the right for a woman to have an abortion.

In a thread posted on Tuesday, Tomlinson wrote:

He explains that it’s a “a simple scenario with two outcomes”.

Here's the thread:

He continues:

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