Anti-vaxxers can now seek out love on a platform called ‘unjected’ and it’s beyond parody

Kate Plummer
Friday 28 May 2021 10:03
Coronavirus vaccines have so far saved more than 13,000 older people’s lives in England, new data suggests.(Jane Barlow/PA)

There’s a new dating site for anti-vaxxers and people cannot believe it.

Unjected– its website says – will “connect critical thinkers across the world dedicated to a healthier tomorrow” and intends on being “a safe place for covid19 unvaccinated individuals to connect and find each other in their own communities.”

That doesn’t sound superspready at all...

“We believe in true science & the scientific method. Observation has shown the science isn’t settled,” the website, which says it was made by two mothers (not scientists) in Hawaii, adds.

“Covid19 vaccines are shedding dangerous spike proteins,” it (falsely) claims.

Reacting to the app – which we are sure will leave Tinder, Hinge et al., quaking in their boots – people on social media could not believe it was real:

Meanwhile, it comes after dating apps including Bumble and Hinge, with the support of President Joe Biden, announced they were encouraging people to get the jab by giving those who do so access to premium features and enabling people to filter out those who opt not to get the vaccine.

The unjected website says: “We believe in the power of the silent majority and want to ensure a platform; a safe space for the unvaccinated to come together uncensored through business, friendship or love. We dedicate ourselves to health, kindness, and consciousness.”

We’ve got the ick.