7 ways to survive the apocalypse

Explosion on Earth, stock image
Explosion on Earth, stock image

Apocalypse is a word on many people's lips as of late.

In between North Korea's weapon taunting, hurricanes sweeping across America, and a general knowledge of the world's expiring shelf-life, it may do well for us to be prepared for national and global disasters.

So we've collected the best pieces of advice on the net.

You're welcome.

1. Keep track of what’s happening

Listen to local radio stations and if possible, keep track of social media like Twitter for evacuation plans.

2. Stay at home

John Renne, the Director for the Centre for Urban and Environmental Solutions at Florida Atlantic University told The Week that in the event of most disasters, people should stay at home rather than leave their houses.

This is because in most disaster scenarios, only part - if any - of a city will be evacuated.

Also, in certain disasters - such as in the event of a chemical attack - it is actually safer to stay indoors.

3. Be aware of your surroundings

Depending on the disaster, you may need to switch off the electricity in your home, and you need to be able to do that without hesitation.

If you need to leave your house, be prepared with a number of alternative escape routes.

4. Have the right supplies at hand

According to EVAQ8, the UK’s Emergency Preparedness specialist, you need a basic survival emergency kit that is fully stocked for 72 hours (three days). Supplies include water pouches, food rations bars, work gloves, a first aid kit, blankets, a torch, an emergency radio, pencil and paper and a hand sanitizer.

5. Invest in a portable generator

No matter what kind of emergency, it is always best to have a portable generator prepared. This way, if power goes out or signal drops, you can use this to help receive emergency radio alerts.

6. Know where your nearest evacuation centre is

If your area is being evacuated, it is important to know where your nearest centre is so that you can plan a route to get there.

7. Prepare an ‘apocalypse bunker’

If you have a million or so pounds to spare, you can always go with a luxury bunker. These super bunkers are prepared to withstand a whole array of apocalypse scenarios, including to "withstand a nuclear strike and come equipped with power systems, water purification systems, blast valves, and Nuclear-Biological-Chemical (NBC) air filtration" many for up to a year, CNN reports.

H/T Daily Mail and The Week

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