This is why April the giraffe kicked someone in the crotch


Mother knows best.

April the Giraffe, the 15-year-old Internet sensation turns out to have fantastic mothering instincts as she is captured on 'giraffe cam' kicking an unsuspecting veterinarian in the balls to protect her new calf.

The humorous video surveillance shows protective mother April kicking the vet not once but twice as he tried to cautiously navigate the area around her pen at Animal Adventure Park in Harpursville, NY.


April, who became Internet famous for her abnormally long pregnancy, finally gave birth two months later than expected and while she was enjoying time with her new calf she did what any new mother would do when faced with a potential threat and swiftly, and comically, dealt with the problem.

The veterinarian is not believed to have been injured as in the video he can be seen backing away and trying to make peace.

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See the full clip here:

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