Argument over clothes leads to 'naked brawl' on French beach

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A group of people in Bordeaux refused to remove their clothes on a nudist beach. The naked brawl that followed was broken up by riot police.

It's unclear if this was a stunt related to the ongoing burkini and dress code controversy sweeping beaches in France, or just a case of troublesome perverts.

The 'nudist zone' on a beach at La Teste-de-Buch in Arcachon was the scene of a fight between the clothed and unclothed after a group numbering approximately 10 individuals visited the beach on Friday and began staring inappropriately at naked women.

Arcachon police are still trying to clear up the details, but according to the Local, the nudists told the clothed group to "get nude or get lost".

When the clothed group refused, a fist fight broke out between them and the naked - taking skins and shirts to a whole new level. The French riot police (CRS) were alerted, and they rolled up onto the beach on four-wheelers to calm the scene. Two of the clothed group were initially detained but were released the same day. The investigation is on-going.

Enforcing beach etiquette appears to becoming part of police routine. The nudist beach at Leucate, Occitania recently chose to adopt the ban on burkinis, giving police there the uncomfortable task of forcing a woman not only to remove the burkini but to strip off all of her clothes.

Liberté, égalité, nudité!

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