Armed gunman asks woman he was robbing to add him on Facebook

Armed gunman asks woman he was robbing to add him on Facebook
Woman robbed at gunpoint then asked out by robber on facebook

The victim of an armed robbery has opened up about the bizarre moment her robber allegedly asked her to add him on Facebook and later slid into her DMs.

The incident occurred in the early hours when Indianapolis woman Amber Beraun had just returned from work on 8 May.

She left her house to retrieve her mail from the mailbox when she was accosted and held at gunpoint by Damien Boyce.

Beraun was forced to hand over $100 in cash, but the shocking incident didn’t end there.

She explained that as he held a gun to her, robber Boyce asked if she had a boyfriend and then requested that she add him on Facebook so they could message about him paying her back for the money he was stealing.

Speaking to WRTV, Beraun explained: “I thought maybe if I added him on Facebook, that would be it and he'd leave, and he did.”

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According to court documents, in an exchange on Facebook Messenger, Boyce told Beraun that she was too “pretty to rob” and promised to repay her.

He wrote: “Look just know imma pay you back ok it's a f**ked up way to meet but damn you wass to [sic] pretty to rob.”

Beraun responded: “I believe you man. I can tell your sweet, times just get rough I know that.”

The following day, Boyce asked Beraun to “come chill with me”. Beraun revealed that she did, in fact, have a boyfriend.

Boyce was held on a $7,500 bond after being charged with armed robbery and carrying a handgun as a felon in the incident.

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