Australian woman accidentally swears in front of prime minister just moments after receiving vaccine

Scott Morrison, the Australian prime minister, was caught in an awkward moment on Sunday, when he met the first person in the country to get the Covidvaccine, who managed to accidentally swear during the moment.

Jane Malysiak, an 84-year-old care resident, became the first person in the country to get the jab and was flanked by Morrison and dozens of journalists and cameras eager to document the moment.

However, after Malysiak received the jab, Morrison encouraged her to make the V sign with her fingers. The sign is traditionally used to symbolise ‘peace’ but Morrison felt this time it should mean ‘vaccine’.

Malysiak got slightly confused by the PM’s instructions and ended up flipping her hand in the opposite way which, how shall we say... means something completely different. This led to a very awkward moment where Morrison quickly realised what had happened and desperately tried to stop Malysiak accidentally swearing in front of the nation.

Morrison has himself received the vaccine as he attempts to build public confidence in the medication ahead of the rollout of the vaccination in Australia, which is due to start on Monday. Australia is aiming to get at least 600,000 people vaccinated with the first jab in the next six weeks.

Morrison is quoted as saying: “This changes how we manage the risk of Covid. going forward. This today is the beginning of a big game-changer. Its successful rollout will only further reduce the risk, and when you reduce the risk, then obviously you do not need more blunt and extreme measures in order to deal with Covid.”

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