Australian TV presenter calls for unity in stirring monologue against Isis

An Australian television presenter has filmed a stirring rallying call for people opposed to Isis following the attacks in Paris on Friday night.

Waleed Aly, host of The Project on Network Ten, called out the terror group on his show this weekend, claiming that they are pretending to be stronger than they really are, and called for unity as a key tool of defiance.

[Isis] is weak. I know it doesn't look like that right now but it's the truth. And they don't want you to know it. Which is why it's something we should talk about.

Aly pointed out that Isis has been quick to claim its involvement in terror attacks across the world in recent years despite many of them being very loosely linked to the group.

He said that it's a deliberate propaganda ploy by the group so it appears "bigger and tougher than they actually are" and in order to generate publicity.

He used this excerpt of Dabiq, the group's monthly magazine, as evidence:

There's a reason [Isis] wants to appear so powerful, while they don't want to acknowledge that the land they control has been taken from a weak enemy, that they are pinned down by airstrikes, or that just last weekend they lost a significant part of their territory.

[Isis] don't want you to know they would quickly be crushed if they ever faced a proper army on a real battlefield. They want you to fear them, they want you to get angry, they want all of us to become hostile.

Aly explained that Isis' aim is to divide society, to stoke tensions between Muslims and other citizens in Western countries.

They want countries like ours to reject their Muslims and vilify them. [Isis'] leaders would be ecstatic to hear that since the atrocity in Paris, Muslims have reportedly been threatened and attacked in England, America and here in Australia because this evil organisation has it in their heads that if they can make Muslims the enemies of the West, then Muslims will have nowhere to turn but [Isis].

Saying that out loud is dumbfounding in its stupidity and bloodcurdling in its barbarity.

Ultimately, Aly says, we must stay united in the face of this evil:

We're all feeling a million emotions right now. I am angry at these terrorists, I'm sickened by the violence and I am crushed for the families that have been left behind. But you know what? I won't be manipulated.

We all need to come together. I know how that sounds, I know it's a cliche. But it's also true. Because it's exactly what [Isis] doesn't want.

If you're a member of parliament preaching hate at the exact time we need more love, you're helping [Isis].

If you're a Muslim leader telling your community they have no place here, or a non-Muslim saying basically the same thing, you are helping [Isis]...

And I'm pretty sure that right now, none of us wants to help these bastards.

Watch the video below:

ISIL is Weak

Waleed talks about how we can stop ISIL #TheProjectTVWritten by Waleed and Tom Whitty (@twhittyer)

Posted by The Project on Monday, 16 November 2015

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