That awful letter to parents who couldn't afford their children's lunch is riddled with errors

A headteacher, praised as a 'star' at the Tory party conference, has sent a letter to parents who can't keep up with lunch payments telling them their children will be placed in 'lunch isolation' till their debts are repaid.

A copy of the letter was tweeted by Richard Adams, after the story was first published by the Daily Mail:

The letter reads:

They will receive a Sandwich and piece of fruit only. They will spend the entire 60 minutes period in lunch isolation.

Only when the entire outstanding sum is paid in full will they be allowed into family lunch with their classmates.

Although Katharine Birbalsingh, the headteacher at Michaela community school in Wembley, a free school, did not write the letter, parents said she was responsible for the policy and criticised it heavily. Some of whom say have since moved their children from the school.

A teacher who wished to remain anonymous has also pointed out a few mistakes with the letter, and with his permission we've included these in the slider below:

Time for some lunchtime isolation for the spellchecker.

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