Rep. Ayanna Pressley questions Postmaster General Louis DeJoy during the House Oversight and Reform Committee hearing in Washington

Ayanna Presley


A US Congresswoman who is bald due to an autoimmune disease has had the perfect reaction to a Twitter user who said she should wear a weave.

House Representative for a district of Massachusetts, Ayanna Pressley made public last year the news that she suffers from alopecia – a condition that causes hair to fall out.

She revealed she is bald in January 2020 due to the autoimmune disease and has been proudly sporting her new look ever since.

While most would agree she looks amazing, some seem to have taken offence to her appearance, unnecessarily popping over to Twitter to voice their opinions.

It began when the rapper Common posted images of the Congresswoman in the House, along with a quote she’d said, on his Twitter account.

However, it was the response from another Twitter that caused Pressley to respond when they cruelly wrote: “She could at least wear a weave. I can’t... 🤚🏻”

The tweet came up against strong backlash from other users who came to Pressley’s defence, saying we need to normalise hair loss.

But it was Pressley herself who had the best response, as she simply responded with a selfie with the caption “Nope”.

The tweet saw many other Black women posting their own selfies showing off their bald heads and praising Pressley for being unapologetically herself. The Congresswoman then joked that she is attempting to be cast in the next Black Panther movie sequels and used the hashtag #AlopeciaStrong.

It’s high time women stopped being judged by their appearance and were able to simply be themselves. What better role model than Congresswoman Ayanna Pressley?

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