Azealia Banks has perfect response to whether she makes ‘music for gays' in resurfaced clip

Azealia Banks has perfect response to whether she makes ‘music for gays' in resurfaced clip

Azealia Banks had the perfect response when she was asked a bizarre question on a radio show.

The clip of her on The Breakfast Club, a hugely popular US TV show, is from two years ago, but it's resurfaced and people are still seriously into it.

Banks is a musician and rapper whose hits include '212' and 'Imma Read' – in the last few years, her personal life has been the subject of controversy, including a bizarre friendship and feud with Grimes and Elon Musk.

But she also has continued to make music, and is putting out a new album this year.

Her music, which is a mixture of many genres and often features her rapping and singing, is popular with the LGBTQ+ community – and Banks knows it.

In the clip from her appearance on The Breakfast Club, one of the hosts, Charlemagne , says: “One of our interns here, she says that you make music for the gays.”

Banks replies saying, “Yes, I do.” She then asks, “What’s wrong with that?”

Banks isn’t drawn into a conversation about what just happened – she just asks “what now?” after a couple of seconds of silence.

People loved her response – even if they weren’t her biggest fans.

Banks made several other controversial statements during that interview too.

She talked about her dislike of white feminism and Hillary Clinton, saying:

I feel like the feminist conversation is always very white female-centric. I just felt like if Hillary Clinton won, that was just going to be a win for white women and more losses for black women.

That was just going to give them more of an excuse not to deal with any intersectionality and all of the different—all of the other women that fall under that feminist banner.

Banks has continued to make music and is active on social media – although she hasn’t yet responded to this unexpected outpouring of appreciation.

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