A British man fell into a well in Bali while running away from a dog and got stuck for 6 days

A British man who fell into a well has been rescued after six days.

Jacob Roberts was running from a dog when he tripped and fell into a well in Bali, earlier this week.

Bali has been closed to tourists for several months as a result of the coronavirus lockdown, and Roberts is British.

He was being chased by a dog in the village, and fell into the well during the chase. It’s been reported that he broke his leg while he fell, and so it became impossible for himself to lift himself out.

He said that there was a small amount of water in the well which kept him alive for the next couple of days, and estimated that he was in there for roughly five to six days. The well was in a relatively isolated area, and so there weren’t that many people passing by who heard his cries for help.

Eventually, his cries were heard by a villager passing by on his way to feed his cows around midday on Saturday. The villager tried to help him up but couldn’t because of Roberts’ injuries.

They ended up having to call in the police and a rescue team, who lifted him out with ropes and stretchers, and he was taken to a hospital via ambulance a few hours later.

It was reported that Roberts has been in Bali since March on holiday.


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