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Banksy’s famous mural of a workman taking a chisel to a star in the European Union flag has disappeared from the side of a building in Dover over the weekend, and nobody knows what has happened to it.

The mural was on the Castle Amusements building since May 2017 and represented Brexit, the referendum results and UK’s decision to leave the European Union.

The Goddem family, who own the building said they were “exploring options for the retention, removal or sale” of the artwork.

The building had been due to be demolished.

Picture: Glyn Kirk/Getty

A Dover native called David Joseph Wright told CNN that a four-tier scaffolding had appeared beside the secretive street artist’s mural and by the morning, it had gone.

Deal Scaffolding told BBC that it had been asked to provide the scaffolding for building work, but but it was “unaware of any specific purpose.”

The Godden family had previously attempted to sell another Banksy mural and lost a High Court court case to do.

Local residents are unhappy that the mural, which is seen as a cultural icon, has gone.

Others were a little more pragmatic

Banksy hasn't commented on his mural's sudden disappearance on any of the social media accounts thought to be associated with the artist.

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