Taylor Swift sings about Camden Market in her new album and people aren't convinced

Taylor Swift has today released her highly anticipated new album 'Lover' and by all means its another top-notch edition to her discography.

However, one particular lyric in the song 'London Boy,' presumably about her British boyfriend, Joe Alwyn, has raised a few eyebrows. During the chorus the pop starlet sings:

I enjoy walking Camden Market in the afternoon.

While she also nods to different locations in the English capital like Highgate, Brixton, Hackney and Bond Street this reference to Camden's infamous market has caused some debate on Twitter.

Firstly, there are those that have questioned how anyone can 'enjoy' walking around Camden Market, which isn't exactly the most glamorous part of town.

Others questioned how someone as famous as she is could easily walk around Camden without being mobbed for selfies and autographs.

There is also this problem with London which Taylor seemingly glossed over.

Still, if you don't happen to live in London, please don't let this article deter you from visiting Camden market and we are sure that Taylor's endorsement of the spot will see tourism increase tenfold.

Go, Camden!

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