The brilliant moment Bush and Obama got the giggles during Clinton's speech

The brilliant moment Bush and Obama got the giggles during Clinton's speech

While Donald Trump toils away in the White House all the other living Presidents appear to be having a great time.

Presidents Barack Obama, George W Bush, Bill Clinton, George Bush senior and Jimmy Carter all attended a hurricane relief concert in Texas this week.

The fun benefit, with an important goal, also featured performances from Lady Gaga and Sam Moore.

The group of former Commanders in Chief urged people to support the recent victims of natural disasters in Texas, Florida, Puerto Rico and The US Virgin Islands.

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Although the event had a serious message it was clearly a relaxed affair, which was encapsulated in a moment of humour between Bush and Obama.

As Bill Clinton made his speech, where he highlighted the importance of rebuilding the territories decimated by high winds and tides in the Caribbean, Bush leaned over and whispered something to Obama.

Whatever it was must have been hilarious as neither man could hold back their grins or laughter. It sounds like Clinton almost cracked up too.

Predictably, the moment went viral on social media.

We're yet to come up with a concrete theory about what they were chuckling about, but Trevor Noah of The Daily Show has probably come up with some controversial ideas:

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