Barnsley FC praised for offering free tampons and sanitary products at stadium

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Last week Barnsley FC sent a letter to a fan who spoke about his depression on Twitter, and we all quickly learned how great they are.

Well, when it comes to being the best football team (off the pitch, at least), they've done it again. In their stadium, they have a mini kiosk set up full of sanitary products, all of them for free, with a sign saying:

We don't believe you should pay for essential items. Please use these if needed.

Twitter user Hazel sent out a picture of the wonderful gesture:

It's an idea which seems like it should just be a given, especially at such a public place like a football stadium, but it's seldom found anywhere.

Campaign group 'On The Ball' have been trying to lobby football clubs to supply free period products at all grounds.

They first found success with Celtic and are now trying to get other clubs to follow suit.

Barnsley FC are now part of 6 other football clubs to offer out sanitary products for free and they are being praised for their progressive thinking.

Last week Barnsley FC went above and beyond when they sent an encouraging letter to a fan who spoke on Twitter about being depressed.

Given the letter last week and this, Barnsley FC may be the greatest football club in the world.

Keep up the great work On The Ball and help other clubs adopt this amazing idea.

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