Bassem Youssef will return to Piers Morgan's show after record-breaking appearance

Bassem Youssef will return to Piers Morgan's show after record-breaking appearance
Piers Morgan calls out guest for 'dark joke' involving Israel-Hamas war

Bassem Youssef has officially become Piers Morgan's most-watched guest on his show Uncensored after candidly shedding light on the Israel-Hamas war. And now, it has been announced he will return for round two.

Bassem visited the studio on 31 October to seemingly pre-record a "deep calm conversation about a very complicated issue."

People online believed the discussion would air live, and were subsequently left confused when Jordan Peterson took the evening slot instead.

"I tried to talk to an audience who never get exposed to our side of the story," Bassem wrote alongside a string of photos. "No sound bites, no trending phrases, no attempts to score points for reach and views. Just an attempt to have our voices heard."

Bassem went on to suggest that he "thinks" the sit down with Morgan will air on Wednesday 1 November.


Bassem and Morgan's initial 33-minute segment was uploaded to the show's official YouTube channel on Wednesday (18 October) where it racked up over 18 million views in less than a week.

For context, it surpassed Andrew Tate's sit down with the British host which stands at 13 million views, followed by Kanye West's interview with 8 million.

During the interview, the Egyptian comedian used dark humour to highlight the importance of fair representation when reporting on the catastrophe.

"Those Palestinians, they’re very dramatic. 'Ah, Israel is killing us,' but they never die," Youssef satirically told Morgan. "I mean, they always come back. They’re very difficult to kill, very difficult people to kill. I know, because I’m married to one. I tried many times. I try to get to her every time, but she uses our kids as human shields."

He continued: "I applaud Israel for doing something no military force in the world does. It warns civilians before bombing them, that is so cute."

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It comes after Hamas' unprecedented attack on southern Israel (7 October) that left 1,400 people dead. The group is also believed to have captured approximately 220 hostages, including a number of foreigners and dual nationals.

The Gaza death toll has since reportedly reached over 5,087 at the time of writing – 2,055 of whom are children. A further 15,273 people have been injured.

Morgan noted that "Hamas is dedicated to the complete eradication of Jewish people," to which Youssef hit back: "I am not the spokesperson for Hamas."

The host interrupted to clarify he wasn't implying that Youssef was.

"Why do you keep asking me about Hamas? I f***ing hate them. F*** Hamas."


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In a post to X/Twitter, Morgan acknowledged that it was the "most-watched interview" since the launch of Uncensored.

Youssef responded: "Let’s have a one-on-one interview in the studio over coffee and without a faulty ear piece. Who could have imagined? Until last March I was blocked by you on Twitter (I deserved it). You were very gracious about it even though you discovered it a minute before we went on air. But since then we have had wonderful conversations."

The comedian has since turned to Instagram on Tuesday (24 October) to announce he will, in fact, be making another appearance on the show next week.

He went on to share a separate post on his feed about his face-to-face discussion with Morgan.

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