The BBC asked if Labour's free internet plans are 'broadband communism' and there are memes, lots of memes

This week, the Labour Party unveiled plans to provide free broadband to everyone in the UK if they’re elected on December 12.

Because it’s 2019, the plan was greeted by rational, fact-based debate on both sides.

Just kidding.

What’s followed the policy announcement was days of screeching and arguing about whether it’s a good idea or not, often based on complete nonsense and hyperbole.

Labour’s Rebecca Long-Bailey was invited on to the BBC’s Daily Politics to discuss the policy, which is similar to how countries like Belgium provide broadband.

She was asked by host Jo Coburn to respond to claims by critics that the policy amounts to “Broadband communism”, with the words appearing on the screen as she joined the show by video link.

A screengrab from the interview featuring the words “broadband communism” quickly went viral on Twitter.

There were memes, lots of memes.

The words then began to trend on Twitter, because at this point, why not?

Some people criticised the BBC for the way they framed the discussion.

But the BBC's Rob Burley defended the framing of the issue.

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