BBC news anchor Huw Edwards baffled viewers by presenting the news the wrong way round

Huw Edwards
Huw Edwards
BBC screengrab

Millions of people tune in to BBC’s News At Ten because it’s reliable.

In a world filled with variation and change, you can always rely on broadcaster Huw Edwards to open the show with exactly the same pose every night.

You know the one – left arm pulled in and resting on the table, right arm stretched out slightly.

Huw EdwardsPicture: BBC News At Ten screengrab 

In fact, someone’s even made a Twitter account, @HuwsAtTen, solely committed to cataloguing the pose each news night.

Look at the uniformity:

On Thursday, disaster struck: Edwards had discovered the interest in his pose and sent a challenge to @HuwsAtTen:

And then, he did the unthinkable.

What is this mirrorverse?!

British viewers were shocked.

One called it "jarring" while another admitted she was "undone".

But it was this lone American voice that really stood out:

The long and short of it is: we clearly have our priorities mixed up.

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