Newsreaders speaking about of the attack in New York City are having an unfortunate problem with pronunciation.

The severity of the attack, in which eight people were killed, is being somewhat undermined by newsreaders' failure to pronounce the Arabic phrase allegedly shouted by the suspect.

Witnesses reportedly told the New York Police Department they heard the attacker, a 29-year-old male, shout 'God is Great' in Arabic. Written in the Latin alphabet this is 'Allahu Akbar'.

According to some Arabic speakers on Twitter, the pronunciation of this by some news readers is leaving a lot be desired.

Some have said that certain presenters are saying 'Aloo Akbar' which roughly translates as:

Praise the Potato/The Potato is the greatest

Even in these bleak circumstances, Twitter found some levity in the mispronunciation, and decided to hail potatoes for their rich goodness.

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