A hilarious and almost too-good-to-be-true miscue on BBC News led to footage of the 'Battle of Britain' being broadcast while Theresa May's return to Brussels was described.

The moment occurred at the end of Wednesday's News at Six as the presenter, Sophie Raworth, reminded viewers of the top story of the day.

Theresa May says she intends to go back to Brussels to renegotiate her Brexit deal but EU leaders say the deal is done and they will not reopen talks.

As she said this, a few seconds of black and white footage of RAF Spitfires was shown, as if to illustrate the prime minister's attempts to get a new Brexit deal, despite already being told that it is non-negotiable.

This bizarre coincidence did not go unnoticed and the clip was soon doing the rounds on Twitter - and people couldn't get enough of it.

For those wondering, this wasn't an attempt by the BBC to mock Theresa May or Brexit, but it was a simple technical mistake, which can often happen on live TV.

Paul Royall, an editor for the BBC News at Six and News at Ten explained in a tweet a production error led to footage used earlier in the broadcast being shown again.

The footage had been used on a story about a WWII memorial museum opening to the public at the Biggin Hill airport.

Although May is unlikely to return to Brussels in a vintage aircraft, the BBC's North American editor Jon Sopel was quick to point out that the footage could have been a lot worse.

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